Environmental Initiatives

We understand our responsibility

At All Makes, it’s our goal to be as conscientious of the natural environment as we are to the office environments we create. As an established and reputable office furniture and machine dealer, we’re working to ensure the environments we design and the services we provide contribute to a healthy and comfortable office environment.  All Makes’ focus is to offer products that can improve indoor environments while enhancing the productivity of people. On average, our manufacturers’ product is made up of up to 91% recycled fabric and materials.

All Makes recently opened an 8,000 sq. ft. redesigned showroom that is 98% reusable and has earned high marks for efficiency, sustainability and innovation in design.

Do you have a question about sustainability in the office?

Email All Makes’ LEED Accredited Design Director.


LEED projects with All Makes’ support

All Makes continues to be selected for LEED projects both locally and nationally.  In addition to participating in many LEED certified buildings, we have also participated in certified LEED interior projects. 

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Great Ways to Go Green!

  • Switch all light fixtures to T-8 fluorescent.  They use 20% less energy, have better color, and less flicker.
  • Install occupancy sensors in rooms so lights only turn on when rooms are occupied by people.
  • Turn off computers at night and set them to “sleep mode” when you are away.  If every US computer was turned off at night, the US could shut down 8 power stations and avoid emitting 7 million tons of carbon monoxide yearly.
  • If printing for research or editing purposes, print double-side copies to save trees and profits.
  • Create hard copies of documents only when necessary.  Surveys report that offices use nearly 1.5 lbs. of paper - per person - per day.
  • Avoid using bleached and colored paper.  The chlorine used releases dioxins that cause health problems such as birth defects, immune system damage, and cancers.
  • Buy products in bulk.  It minimizes packaging and is ultimately less expensive for you in the long run.
  • Try an automatic setback thermostat that conserves heating and cooling when it’s not in use. Heating, cooling, and ventilation make up 39% of energy use in an office.
  • Reduce the size of your water heater.  You do not need the same size water heater as the one you have in your home since you are not showering, doing laundry, or running a dishwasher.
  • Add low flow/low flush fixtures.  US residents use 3x as much water a day as the average European.

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